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  • Mataking Dive Sites

    -Two Islands that were joined together and come up with a total wonder and excellence. This Mataking Island is a wonderful place to go in spending your summer getaway because it offers a great relaxation as you view to its extraordinary Island features as well as giving a dive to its clear sea that is also abundant with various aquatic resources.

  • Bohayan


    Bohayan is situated in the south east of Malaysia, specifically in Mataking Island. It is another popular dive site that offers a great diving experience for novice and professional divers. The diving depth starts at 5 meters (15 feet) up to 25 meters (75 feet). The current can be strong but commonly mild and suitable for beginners.

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  • Coral Garden

    Coral Garden

    Coral Garden is another enthralling dive site in Mataking Island (Sabah, Malaysia). Its depth ranges from 5 meters to 40 meters or 15 ft to 120 ft. The water currents here are commonly mild but there is also a chance for strong currents infrequently.

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  • D’Wall


    This dive spot is situated close to the shoreline of small Mataking and is particularly accessed after a short time using speedboat. You are going to recede into around maybe five or ten meters interesting depth at the wall’s top. Due to the dynamite fishing of history has effected this superficial area mainly a scattered heap of decayed corals but submerge a couple of meters within the fringe of the wall and therefore the picture eventually varies.

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  • Frog Fish Farm

    Frog Fish Farm

    Frog Fish Farm is just one of the hottest dive spots around Mataking Island (Eastern Malaysia). The depth and the currents here are suitable for both novice and experienced divers. The usual current is gentle but can be strong when the climate goes bad. Strong currents are only advisable for advanced and experienced divers for they already know how to handle the current.

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  • Garden of Eden

    Garden of Eden

    Diving in Mataking is a combination of macro and aquatic resources which is suitable for new an advanced divers, guests, and photographers. The eastern shore is a slopping reef dropping to a depth of about 100 meters, while on the western reef is mostly wall diving for up to 100 meters.

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  • House Reef

    House Reef

    Mataking House Reef is not the typical dive site you are thinking of. Here you experience such a breath-taking dive that will surely fit your desire. The currents here are usually gentle but can be sometimes strong. You should be careful when the current is very strong for it may cost you a tough dive. Its depth is just the same with other dive sites — 5m to 30m.

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  • Hump Head Point

    Hump Head Point

    Mataking might be a little island but you will find a couple of items to help you stay engaged on shoreline. The resort has beautiful tropical gardens, well suited for relaxing having a book along with an awesome, refreshing drink. Should you seem like doing more, you are able to explore the area and climb the King’s watchtower in which the sights are stunning.

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  • Lobster Lair

    Lobster Lair

    Lobster Lair is another diving spot that is on top because of its excellent healthy coral and several other macro species including lobsters swimming around its waters. It is located in the south of Hanging Gardens.

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  • Magic Rock

    Magic Rock

    Magic Rock is one of the top dive sites in the rich island of Mataking. With a depth that varies from 5 to 25 meters or 15 to 75 feet plus the moderate current, your diving experience here will surely be invigorating. However, there is no current advisable for beginners. The dive here is suitable for advanced and experienced divers especially when the current is strong.

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  • Nudibranch Heaven

    Nudibranch Heaven

    One of the best experiences in diving Mataking Islands is a dive experience at Nudibrach Heaven. This dive site is a real heaven for underwater photographers. Nudibranch Heaven features damsel fishes within the rock, goby, anemone fish, banded pipefish, spotted and coral shrimp along the sandy corner.

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  • Treasure Hunt

    Treasure Hunt

    Treasure Hunt is another must-visit site among the dive spots of Mataking Island. It is a perfect place for relaxation and escapade. The scenery is very beautiful and the ambience is peaceful yet enjoyable. It offers a good diving experience you will surely never forget.

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  • Turtle Playground

    Turtle Playground

    Turtle Playground is one of the most interesting dive spots in the beautiful island of Mataking, Sabah, Malaysia. From the name itself, Turtle Playground is the place where you will have a great experience swimming with lots of green turtles.

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