• D’Wall


    This dive spot is situated close to the shoreline of small Mataking and is particularly accessed after a short time using speedboat. You are going to recede into around maybe five or ten meters interesting depth at the wall’s top. Due to the dynamite fishing of history has effected this superficial area mainly a scattered heap of decayed corals but submerge a couple of meters within the fringe of the wall and therefore the picture eventually varies.

    Hard and soft corals in oranges and pinks are around every corner and then the landscape is interspersed with whips putting forth towards the blue. You’ll discover gorgonians all over the place at diverse growth phases from the very juvenile little ones to large, wide-ranging fans acting home to quite a few splayed featherstars benefiting through the huge flat surface with their shells.

    In some places, you will discover sandy sections truly worth visiting for the abounding nudibranchs and you need to specifically be watchful for cracks buried within the sand from where can appear the nosy facial looks of jawfish, typically numerous in the similar narrow area. In the meantime, the ocean is filled with the typical reef’s suspects along with Moorish idols, butterflyfish, schools of bannerfish, red-toothed triggers and parrotfish to mention a few.

    The high spot of D’Wall is perhaps can be hit upon through keeping an eye on the leathery sponges’ patches that give the ideal resting corner for frogfish and also you possibly be fluky enough to catch sight of a large, black giant frogfish hanging about here, unwearyingly awaiting for its subsequent meal.

    Dive Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced
    Depth: 10 meters to 40 meters
    Visibility: 10 meters to 20 meters
    Currents: Can be gentle
    Water Temperature: 25°C to 29°C
    Best Time to Dive: February and November
    How to Get There: By dive boats from Mataking Resort

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