House Reef

  • House Reef

     House Reef

    Mataking House Reef is not the typical dive site you are thinking of. Here you experience such a breath-taking dive that will surely fit your desire. The currents here are usually gentle but can be sometimes strong. You should be careful when the current is very strong for it may cost you a tough dive. Its depth is just the same with other dive sites — 5m to 30m.

    The site is not only best for diving but for underwater photography as well. It is really nice to take pictures of those pretty schools of fish hovering around. Its richness in marine life makes you feel welcome and also sets your mood. You should watch out for nudibranches, leaf fish, crinoid squat lobsters, giant morays, stonefish, cuttlefish, blue-ringed octopus, batfish, trumpetfish, big-eyed trevallys, gigantic groupers, spotted garden eels, banded pipefish, humphead fish and many more!

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