Hump Head Point

  • Hump Head Point

     Hump Head Point

    Mataking might be a little island but you will find a couple of items to help you stay engaged on shoreline. The resort has beautiful tropical gardens, well suited for relaxing having a book along with an awesome, refreshing drink. Should you seem like doing more, you are able to explore the area and climb the King’s watchtower in which the sights are stunning.

    Another exquisite dive site that Mataking Island is proudly highlighting is the Hump Head Point. This dive site offers a mild slope approximately from 5 meters to 25 meters. There can be found a lot of juvenile and fine-looking corals, blue-finned trevally, diverse species of lionfish, diversity of crabs and shrimps are regularly observed here.

    Dive Experience Level: Newbie to Advanced
    Depth: 5 meters to 25 meters
    Current: Mild
    Best Time to Dive: February and November
    How to Get There: By dive boat trips from Mataking Resort

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